Why a Well-built Stand Up Paddle Board is a SUP Must

girl with Paddle board

Girl with iRocker stand up paddle board

How many times have you crashed into debris during a stand up paddle session? Logs floating along the river, shells bouncing around in the ocean and all kinds of other hazards are a stand up paddle boarder’s reality. In fact, the debris scene seems worse since the past storm season.

We know hazards and debris are a fact of having fun on the water. This is why we use only the finest materials and utmost care in making every iRocker stand up paddle board.

We understand that quality is everything when it comes to safety. We’re stand up boarders, too. (That’s why we’re so obsessed with making the best boards possible!)

At iRocker, we truly value your safety and take pride in building the sturdiest and safest stand up paddle boards available today.

You may know iRocker because of our reputation for speed, stability and durability, and we’re proud of that. We love that about iRocker, too!

But do you also know how well our IRocker boards are built? We want you to know, because quality and durability are the hallmarks of our brand, and because your safety and enjoyment depend on it.

The iRocker is one of the best built iSUPs on the market. Period.

Our mission from day one was to create the best board possible with the best materials we could find.

Our goal was to build a board specifically designed for speed and stability that also could stand up to debris and hazards while keeping you safe. That’s a tall order, but we were determined. We decided we would accept no compromise in getting the very best results.

We spent a lot of time and money researching and testing different materials and designs. Finally, the amazingly durable, sleek and fast iRocker was born, and we couldn’t be happier. (Same with our current customers. Check out our testimonials.)

We use the highest quality, quad layer, military-grade PVC, with heat-welded seams and a six-inch triple-layer drop stitch core. This might sound like Greek but it’s really simple. It means all of our boards can take a beating from debris and obstacles and keep on going.

Shells, rocks, branches? No problem.

The increased thickness of iRocker boards is two inches more than other boards. That might seem like a little but actually, it’s a lot. That added thickness adds up to greatly increased stability and buoyancy, ensuring you get the best ride possible.

We also use a non-slip diamond groove traction pad to give you added security and confidence, and when you’re feeling confident, you’re having more fun on the water.

Building so much extra durability into our boards presented extra challenges when we were designing iRocker to be inflatable.  Creating a board that is as travel-friendly as it is safe and durable was no small task.

But we did it.

We know that being able to pack your board in your car or even your suitcase is simply not negotiable. Travel is part of the stand up paddle culture, after all.

We made iRocker as easy to inflate and deflate as it is to hit the road to find new water. And we did it without compromising our hallmark high quality standards.

If you have a story about a debris encounter on one of your stand up paddle adventures, we’d love to hear about it. Just drop us a note in the fields below.

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