Inflatable Stand Up Paddling Boards – Best for Beginners

paddle board for beginners

You can’t wait to get up on the SUP and enjoy the waves or the cool water? Indeed, there is a wide variety of activities to do on a SUP board but if you are new to it all, you surely have a lot of question – what do I do, where do I start, what is so cool about supping and of course, at some point you begin to wonder which is the perfect beginners board and what you need to be careful about when looking for the right SUP board that suits your personal needs. iRocker is here to answer these questions for you!

The first thing you need to know is, there is no such thing as a perfect SUP board for beginners. In other words, iRocker doesn’t offer you a “one-size-fits-all” paddling board, but rather has different boards that meet different needs. That is why, before choosing your board there are a couple of things you need to be keeping in mind, such as for what water conditions you would like to be supping at, what activities you would do (kayaking, doing yoga, fishing, surfing) and last but not least, your height and weight. Size is important – weight and height when buying your first SUP and with inflatables, you won’t be tricked into buying a hard board of lower size hoping it will fit in the car.

For the newcomers, it is stability and compactness that are the most important features of the board. What makes SUP so amazing and enjoyable is the fact that you are using your whole body, contrary to similar sports like surfing, for instance. Falling off board is most likely inevitable at the beginning, similarly to the time when you were first learning how to ride a bike but safety’s first. Because of this particular reason, the new generation of inflatable SUP boards proves as the best choice for enthusiast at a beginner level.

Being able to transport it easily and store it without any problem is also a reason why you should go iSUP. You need no more than 10 minutes for inflating and deflating such a board, which can bring spontaneity to your travels. After deflating, you can just roll it up and simply go to a different spot. iRocker’s easy to adjust and wear backpack that holds the iSUP makes it easy to put it on and move to the next place that looks like fun.

Another strong point of the inflatables is, contrary to popular belief, their durability. You will be amazed at how steady and rugged these boards are. Hitting rocks is certainly something you would want to avoid but with the iSUP you needn’t worry about your board taking severe damage. So, lending your inflatable to friends or family, regardless of their level, is a piece of cake.

And lastly, as a beginner, you probably don’t want to be giving too much money for something that you are yet to try out for yourself. The inflatable stand up paddling boards are more affordable than the hard SUPs. iRocker has a set of inflatables to suit different needs and match different sizes. When it comes to Paddle Boards, iRocker SUP has them all and at prices that make sense.

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