Your iRocker SUP Important Tips for Storing Your Board this Winter

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iRocker stand up paddle boards are strong, durable and made of the best materials on the market, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a little bit of love. If your winter plans don’t include any cold water paddle sessions or early morning wetsuit yoga (hey, I’m sure it’s possible!), then make sure your board is properly stored during the down season. If you go on vacation and want to take your iSUP it is always ready to go. So here are a few points to keep in mind when storing your iRocker inflatable paddle board:


Keep it Clean


Before you put your paddle board in storage, it is a good idea to give it a deep clean,It makes sense to think things like salt, sand or algae, if left on the exterior for a long period of time can lead to destructive wear on your board. With this point in mind, it is a good idea to hose down your board with fresh water after every use. This of course is a very important step and should be completed right before sticking your inflatable board in storage. You should really consider going all the way with cleaning your iSUP and the best way to do that is by lightly scrubbing it with warm water and mild soap after a busy season of paddling. Don’t forget to wash around the fin boxes, deck pad, slider neck and screw. Give you paddle the once over also, your iRocker paddle board will last for years if you take the extra few minutes to give it some cleaning attention.


Properly Store it


After you’ve given your iSUP a deep clean, make sure it’s thoroughly dried. This is a very important step in preserving your iRocker paddle board. Any left over water can turn into mold or mildew if it’s stored in a dark space and there are still pockets of water on the board or paddle. Once your board is clean and dry, easily fold it into the included backpack. Be sure not to get any water in or near the valve when deflating, as drying out the inside of your board isn’t something you want to do. Make sure all the extra pieces associated  with your iRocker are kept in the bag (extra fin, pump, etc.) so you don’t lose them in the coming months. Keep your gear somewhere cool, dry and out of the sun.


If You’re Keeping it Inflated…


It’s totally okay if you want to keep your iRocker inflated during the off season. It’s less work and the military-grade materials keep the air inside the board for an extended period of time. Although, it’s important the board remains out of the sun if you keep it inflated, as this leads to over inflation and possible damage (a unique situation that wouldn’t be covered under the awesome iRocker warranty.) Hang your board on the wall in your garage or with the rest of your outdoor gear and it’ll be ready to get back on the water whenever you’re ready.


Follow these tips and your board is sure to remain in good shape for years to come. With the right care and maintenance, your board will last for years and years of adventures. Remember to keep in mind that a season away from home doesn’t mean your iRocker needs to get stuck in storage. One of the great things about purchasing an iRocker is that it’s an easy travel companion. It’s quickly inflatable, and deflatable when you day of fun in the sun has ended and you are off to your next location.


Please use the response area below to tell all of our readers any good storing ideas you have found. We make the perfect inflatable board but sometimes we don’t have all the perfect answers and that is why we invite you to join in and always tell us your ideas, thought and experiences.


A Happy 2018 to all of our iRocker friends and soon to be friends. 2018 is the year to inflate and participate in the fastest growing (fun) sport in the world… Paddle Boarding.


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