Inflatable SUP for Christmas? The Outdoors Lover Will Love You for this Gift.

ISUP, the best Xmas present for your other half, little brother or sister or for YOU. The holidays are just around the corner and we know how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift! Although we not be expert gift givers, we do know one thing: the necessary gear for a day  on the water. Whether your loved one is a surfer, boater or avid paddle boarder, we have a few ideas up our sleeve sure to impress.

  1. Dry Bags
    It’s a safe bet that the aquaholic in your life will love a dry bag under the tree. Depending on which bag you purchase, they’re perfect for keeping everything from phones to extra clothes safe and dry. Gone are the days of dropping your phone out of the canoe or losing your dry shirt during an afternoon SUP session. Luckily, dry bags come in many different sizes and price points. Look online or wherever you buy outdoor gear to purchase a dry bag or two.


  1. GoPro
    Regardless of how they like to spend their time outdoors, a GoPro is the perfect way to record travels and all the cool things they do on the land and water. Whether they want to catch the sunset, record their tranquil paddle or snap a video of the fish they’re reeling in, a GoPro is the best option for recording a high quality video. They’re waterproof and durable enough to withstand almost anything, just make sure to get them a floating accessory so they don’t lose it!


  1. Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker
    A smartwatch or fitness tracker is great for any water lover who wants to track every step of every workout. There are so many options these days, but a heart monitor, step tracker and calorie burner are all necessary features of a basic fitness watch. Bonus points if the watch/tracker automatically detects the type of exercise being performed!


  1. iRocker SUP
    The iRocker SUP is perfect for any and every water lover. Because the iRocker is inflatable, it’s easier than ever to store your SUP in the trunk and take a long lunch at work. Playing a little hookie not your thing? It’s just as easy to carry it onto an airplane for a much-needed vacation. iRockers are known for speed, durability and stability and are a great match for anyone, from first-timers to seasoned professionals. The iRocker is one of the most durable iSUPs on the market and can withstand collisions with rocks, branches, shells and any other obstacle during your otherwise smooth paddle session.


  1. Hats/Sunglasses/ SPF gear
    Someone who’s out on the water all day is certainly considered with shielding himself from the harsh sunlight. Help ‘em out with floating shades or a large hat that’ll keep him shielded and will float on the water when dropped. Alternative, long sleeve SPF shirts do a great job of blocking the UV rays. Hey, even sunscreen is a gift appreciated by water lovers!


When it comes to shopping for this special someone, look to to jump in and give you a hand because we know you can’t go wrong with something that keeps them happy, healthy and out on the water.

We want to know what you bought this holiday season that was made for the water, fun, easy to transport, great exercise and brought a smile to the face to the receiver. iRocker SUP is interested in your choice.


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