Your Next SUP Race – How to Beat the Competition

Your SUP skills, moving from casual to competitive…congrats! Now it’s time to figure out how to compete in your first stand up paddle board race. From using correct form to eating the right nutrients beforehand, we’re about to give you some expert tips to help you beat the competition, or at least keep up with them! iRocker SUP knows racing.


Choose an Appropriate Challenge

If you’re not into going the distance, don’t sign up for a 30+ mile race. Alternatively, if going fast isn’t your thing, A short sprint likely won’t suit you well. Do lots of research on races around you before taking the plunge and entering your name. Whatever you choose, your body will need plenty of preparation. Long races and short sprints are equally challenging, so it’s incredibly important to adjust your body to the intense conditions it will endure.


Master the Paddle

Use your paddle right, If you don’t, it’s virtually impossible to win a race on your iSUP. When you’re in the right-hand position and using a paddle length suitable to your height, you’ll be able to move faster and avoid injury. That’s a double-win in our books. Hey, we’ve got some great news to make this part of your training a bit easier. iRocker paddles are easily adjustable and they float. No need to worry about your paddle sinking while you’re trying to get the hang of it.


Power Up

During your inflatable stand up paddle board race, food can make all the difference. Get rid of that nasty processed food and swap it for some healthy proteins, fats, carbs and veggies. Eat healthy carbohydrates three to four hours before your race begins to allow your body to process them. Be sure to eat right for at least a month leading up to the race for optimal performance. A simple Google search will give you great ideas for what to eat and cook.


Work on Your Form

From your iSUP foot placement to your follow-through, using the right technique during your competition will make a world of difference. For some great advice on harnessing your form to gain speed, click this link. The foundation of a strong SUPer is in his or her body motions, so this is an area of race preparation that you can’t afford to skip. Even the smallest tweak of your hand position can improve your performance, so it’s worth taking advice and adjusting accordingly. You already have an advantage by using your iRocker Stand UP Paddle Board, it’s fast.


Study the Course

SUP racing in unfamiliar waters, no big deal, just don’t neglect to overcome this slight disadvantage. Along with taking your iRocker on a dry run through the course a couple times prior to the big day, reach out to a few locals for some insight. Ask questions about wind patterns, currents and chop. Little bits of knowledge will help you adjust your plan of action accordingly to best conquer the course. Many of the people in the competition likely take their iSUP through those waters a few times a week, so don’t let unfamiliarity be the reason you come in short.

Taking the first step and signing up for the race is out of the way, and now it’s time to get your body and board ready. The good news is, you already have a slight advantage over your competition by simply racing on your iRocker! Having a great board and paddle are absolute key to doing well, and we have no doubt you already have that part covered. Good luck!

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