iSUP on Spring Break? We have the Best Spots to Take Your Board, Travel iRocker Style


Your iSUP and Spring Break, Ahhhh… Whether you’re enjoying a week off from classes or your kids don’t have school, the time has arrived to pack your bags and pick a place on the map. In our opinion, there’s no better way to enjoy your hiatus than with your iRocker. From South America to the shores of Florida, we have a few spots in mind where you can drop your iRocker Inflatable SUP this spring break:

Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz Harbor and your iRocker SUP, regardless of your skill level, this is a great spot to launch your iRocker and enjoy some nice breaks. The beaches are typically lined with sunbathers, while the water features a variety of wildlife. Enjoy a relaxing paddle alongside otters, sea lions, and whales, then head to shore for a drink or lunch. When you are done, just fold up you iRocker Inflatable SUP, stick it in your backpack and off you go. Be it on foot, bicycle, or car, we make it easy, convenient and possible for everyone.

Quick Tip: Unless you’re thick-skinned, we highly recommend wearing a wetsuit. California waters are cold year round. But trust us, paddling in this beautiful harbor is well worth the extra layers.

Galápagos Islands

Your iRocker SUP in hand, Galapagos Island, with the bright scenery and the exotic creatures, it’s easy to see why these volcanic islands always sit at the top of vacation wish lists. Nestled near Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean, there’s no better place to enjoy a relaxing vacation. If cruising past giant tortoises and short-feathered penguins are your idea of a great day on your iRocker, then the Galápagos Islands are the place for you.

Lake Tahoe’s Crystal Bay

Launch your easily inflatable stand-up paddleboard at the Kings Beach State Recreation Area and head east to Crystal Bay. Opt for a change of scenery and head to the mountains. With the beautiful Tahoe Mountains in the back and the calmness of the lake beneath you, we can’t think of a better escape from reality. Our Yoga masters say this is the place for quiet, peacefulness and Yoga on your iRocker SUP.

Key West, Florida

The Florida Keys are the places to be for spring break if you want to mix paddling and partying. Enjoy the crystal clear water and calm waters by day, then do some bar hopping with your friends by night. Another great thing about taking your iSUP to the keys? You don’t need a wetsuit and you can carry your iRocker SUP in your backpack! This is a great spot to do some fishing from your paddle board and possibly catch something tropical for dinner.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Skilled paddle boarder? This is the place to go, as Surfers and SUPers line the shores of this beautiful beach, waiting to catch one of the strong waves back to the sandy beach. Tamarindo started as a small fishing village, but has evolved into a spot known for “party and play.” The swimming, fishing, and watersports are unbeatable, while the local bars and dance clubs are just as good.

Austin, Texas

iRocker is hanging out at Lady Bird Lake which is a 468-acre reservoir situated on the Colorado River. It might be the last on this list, but it’s more than worthy of a spring break trip. No motorized vehicles allowed on the lake equals a perfect opportunity to improve your paddleboarding skills. The water typically gets pretty crowded on the weekends, but those crowds often turn into fun parties. Enjoy the calm waters and hot sun during the day, then head to shore for some tacos and live music on Sixth Street. Sounds like a perfect spring break to us!

iRocker’s SUP makes it work, wherever you choose to go for spring break. They make it possible to bring your paddle board with you because it deflates becomes a backpack. There’s not a plane, train or automobile that can’t make room for your iSUP. We have no doubt you’ll fall in love with the scenery and surf in these locations, and we can’t wait to see the pictures you take out on the water with your iRocker.

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