iRocker vs. The Competition

iRocker vs. the Competition

We have some tough competition, but there’s a reason we’ve won the award as one of the best inflatable SUPs of 2016. It all comes down to how iRockers are built, how they ride, how long they last and what our customers have to say. People consistently choose iRocker over our hard board and inflatable competitors, and here’s why:


Ease of Transportation

Geesh, iRocker dominates this category. If you’re looking for an inflatable stand up paddleboard that deflates quickly and packs into teeny tiny spaces, you’ve found your board. iRockers are easy to handle because of the lightweight material, simple to inflate / deflate thanks to the dual action hand pump and a breeze to transport because of the iSUP backpack. Win, win, win.

“The board is awesome….it exceeded my expectations. I can say it is very light and extremely durable for a inflatable board. It was very easy to inflate, and I can tell there was a lot of thought put into the design as the deflating of the board is effortless.” -Burt



Sure, some of our competitors build their boards specifically for a certain aspect of the sport. But their apparent advantage actually plays in our favor: iRockers do everything the others guys do, and we do it well. Whether you use your inflatable stand up paddleboard for racing, surfing or leisure, iRocker has got ya covered. Because of the strong, quality materials used to build iRockers, our boards inflate to a thickness and durability comparable to a hard board.


“ A man and a dog of 50+ pounds fit perfectly on this paddleboard. :-))) My boyfriend LOVES it. It is exactly as it is described!” -Ibadete


Incredibly Constructed

iRocker stacks up against any competition, and we stand by that. Our boards are made of triple-layer military grade drop stitch material, which means iRockers are built to withstand impacts from dings, rocks, concrete and wood pilings. They’re so good that they can hold up to 350 pounds. Yeah, we mean business.


“The quality and durability is incredible and will immediately quash any doubts you have about stability. Once it’s blown up, you wouldn’t know it is even inflatable.” -Jackie


Unbeatable Warranty

We believe in our boards, which is why they come with a crazy-good two year warranty that covers everything outside of typical wear and tear. Wherever your travels take you and your new iRocker, it’s nice to know that nearly all of your rigorous adventures will be covered by a warranty. Pretty great, right?


“Everything happened as expected. Information, descriptions, feedbacks, shipment. Product is very good including pricing. Good sales!” -Newton


Killer Customer Service

We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for people like you. We’ve built a great product, because we have great customers. If you have any sort of issue with the delivery or the final product, we’ll take care of you! Our inflatable stand up paddleboards come with lots of bonus parts, like a paddle, pump and backpack, and if any of those items aren’t perfect, just let us know and we’ll fix it immediately.

“Had a concern and iRocker took care of it. Great company to deal with. Got back quickly with me and very customer service oriented. Worked with Cooper. It was great.” -David

“I received the SUP as a gift. I noticed the middle fin was missing from the package and contacted the seller who immediately shipped me the missing fin and also included a free ankle leash. I truly appreciated the great customer service!” -Susan


We’re here for you, and we mean it. Our goal is that you love iRocker from the minute you hear about us until you take your board on a cross-country road trip. We design and build our boards for paddle boarders of every walk of life, because we’re SUPers ourselves. We know what it takes for an inflatable stand up paddle board to be great, and that’s exactly why we created iRocker.

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