What NOT to do with Your Inflatable SUP

What NOT to do with Your Inflatable SUP

Our paddle boards are our babies, and that’s exactly how they should be treated. Even though iRockers are just as durable and rugged as hard SUPs, it doesn’t mean they don’t require a little TLC. With proper maintenance and the right amount of love, your iSUP can keep up with you for years and years! If you want your board to have a long, adventurous life, here’s our best advice:


Don’t Drag Your Board

Sounds pretty obvious, right? We’re going to mention it anyways because it’s SO important. When you carry your board in and out of the water, don’t let it drag over gravel, rocks, debris or even sand.


Also, don’t stack anything on top of your board, even seemingly light items. Unfortunately, iSUPs can get pressure dings. Dings cause an uneven surface, which results in a slower, bumpier ride.


Don’t Drop Your Board

An iSUP is a big piece of equipment, so properly carrying it can feel strange to some people and unfortunately result in slip-ups. A serious drop can lead to a crack, which is no bueno for your board. If there’s a crack, water leaking inside isn’t too far off.


When it comes to strapping your board on top of your car (remember, deflating your iRocker is always an option…), make sure it’s not tied down too tight. This can cause bulges and lead to popping.


Don’t Store Your Board Outside

We’ve got good news, iRockers are a breeze to store! If you store them correctly, they’ll last for a long time. Deflate it, roll it up, put it in your iRocker bag…yep, that’s all there is to it. Make sure the storage area is cool and dry, and definitely isn’t in direct sunlight. Sun, rain and wind (literally every aspect of Mother Nature) will take a huge toll on your iSUP, so it’s not worth the risk.


Weathering really sucks, but a stolen board is even worse. Keep it in a secure, locked place while it’s not in use. If you must store it outside, locking cables with steel cores do a great job of discouraging amateur thieves from running off with your iRocker.


Don’t let Your Board Get Too Dirty

Fancy cleaning products definitely aren’t needed when it comes to cleaning an iSUP. Water, dish soap and a soft brush will get the job done. If you see scuffs or markings on your board, just grab a Magic Eraser and get to work. That’s the great thing about iSUPs, they’re pretty low maintenance.


Always, always, always rinse your board after use. This is even more important if you paddled in saltwater to prevent a salty crust from forming. Simply hosing your iSUP down will wash away mildew and bacteria from growing on your deck pad. Don’t forget to target the fin boxes, deck pad and slider neck and screw.


Don’t Expose Your Fins

When it comes to fin replacement, there’s no such thing as cheap, quality fins. The best way to avoid dropping $25-$50 is by taking off the fin every time the board isn’t in use. If you’re just leaving your iSUP for a few minutes, make sure to flip the board upside down (fin-side up).


Another great tip: When you mount the board, make sure the fin is in sufficiently deep water so it won’t hit the bottom. Damaging the fin is upsetting, but damaging the fin box is often irreparable.


One of the most attractive aspects of the sport of stand up paddle boarding is the simplicity of it all. iRocker has added an essence of ease by making the boards inflatable, easy to store and simple to maintain. iRockers are built using the best military grade materials and are ready to transition from season to season. Following our maintenance tips isn’t only easy, it’s necessary! Our priority is that you get the most out of your awesome iRocker purchase, and increasing its lifespan through regular maintenance is the best thing you can do.

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