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Should I Buy a Used Inflatable Paddle Board?

Inflatable stand up paddle board

Inflatable stand up paddle boardIf you’re looking into buying a used iSUP, it’s probably because you’re trying to save some money. We don’t blame you! Even though we own a paddle board company, we’re gonna give you the truth on used boards. Going the used route can work out, if you’re smart about it. It’s much riskier, you won’t have the safety net of a warranty and the board will likely have some typical wear and tear, but it can still be an OK purchase. Here are some important things to consider if you’re about to purchase a used iSUP:


  • Type of Board: If you’re a newbie to the world of paddle boarding, it’s important you know the different board types before making the big purchase. There are basically three kinds of paddle boards: touring / racing, surf, and all-around. All-around boards (like iRockers, hint, hint) are the most popular and most functional, and are definitely what a beginner should use when starting to iSUP.


  • Board Width & Volume: These are super important board characteristics to consider, especially for a first-timer. When you’re searching around for a used inflatable paddle board, verify that the board you’re interested in fully inflates. It’s very possible that a used iSUP won’t fully inflate because of heavy use, which will make balancing and maneuvering difficult. Alongside the ideal board volume is proper board width. It’s pretty simple, the wider the board, the easier it is to control.



Tip for beginners: The board’s volume should be at least two times your weight (in kg). Once you pick up some skill, that number can reduce to 1.5X.


  • Board Price: Buying a used inflatable paddle board will automatically be cheaper, right? Eh, not exactly. High-end iSUPs dominate the used board market, because serious paddlers are typically selling their used board before upgrading. Purchasing used won’t get you the lowest price on the iSUP market, it might just get you the lowest price on a particular model.



So we’ve outlined what you should consider if you’re set on going the used board route, but there are a few reasons to give in and buy a brand new iSUP. Check ‘em out (you’ll DEFINITELY thank us later):


  • You Know the Board’s History: A new board obviously doesn’t have a questionable past. If you’re buying a new iSUP, you bet the board has never seen the water or sunlight, fallen off the back of a truck or run into rocks. Daily wear and tear really takes a toll on an inflatable paddle board, so a used iSUP will have a much shorter lifespan because of its possible rap sheet of minor damages.


  • A Warranty: Yeah, this one’s a no-brainer. When you buy a new board, it’ll likely come with a warranty. And if you’re buying a new iRocker, it’ll come with a great warranty. Every iRocker board comes with an incredible two year warranty that covers everything except typical wear and tear. It’s a pretty big deal in the iSUP industry.
  • Get on the Water Faster: Since you’re searching for an inflatable paddle board, you probably want to take it out on the water as soon as you can. The problem with used boards is that they’re few and far between. Your used iSUP search will likely consist of unsuccessful Google searches and plenty word of mouth. Buying a new board means you’ll be exploring the water with your new iSUP immediately. Definitely something to consider if getting into paddle boarding is your priority.

It’s pretty clear that the safety net associated with a new iSUP purchase seriously outweighs the list of unknowns associated with used paddle boards. The good news is that iRockers are a smart purchase for the conservative shopper. The price is reasonable, they’re made of the highest quality materials, and the warranty is unbeatable. So before you pull the trigger on a used iSUP, make sure you know the lengthy list of risks associated with a used paddle board purchase.   

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