How to Take Care of Your New Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard


Hey, congrats on the big purchase! Paddle boarding is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States, and you’re now part of the movement. An inflatable stand up paddleboard is cheaper than therapy but equally effective, can take you places a boat will never see and introduces you to the most amazing community of yogis, surfers and explorers. But, none of this will be your reality unless your paddle board is properly maintained.

Don’t lean your board against things

Keep the SUP flat whenever possible. Do NOT lean it against a wall or car without it being bungeed in place. A vertical board is a recipe for disaster. Also, never lie your board on top of your car without strapping it on. A big gust of wind can quickly knock your board to the ground. BANG, the board’s on the ground with a huge gash on the side. Trust us, damaged boards are the worst.

But there’s good news! If you have an iRocker, this scenario is much less of a worry. iRockers are made of triple layer military grade PVC and are built to withstand this kind of damage.

Don’t drop your board

I know, seems kinda stupid to mention something so obvious. But we’re saying it because it’s so important. Holding such a big piece of equipment is foreign to most rookies, so accidental slip-ups are unfortunately pretty common. Cracks in a board can let water seep in, resulting in self-destruction from the inside out. This is a really easy way to throw away an expensive investment.

More good news! Because of iRocker’s amazing quality and durability, big cracks won’t happen. But still, don’t drop your iSUP. It’ll always hurt the board, even if it’s just in the long run.

Properly set your board down

Set the board on the ground with the bottom facing up. The top of the board may be pretty to look at, but it’s not the part that comes in contact with the water. The fin can be easily damaged if the weight of the board pushing down, which is easily avoidable if you lie the board down fin side up. Although dings and scratches on the surface are a bummer, it’s nothing compared to gashes and broken fins.

Don’t let your board sunbathe

You might like catching rays, but it’s a big no-no for an inflatable stand up paddleboard Keeping the board cool is one of the most important things you can do to expand its lifespan. Gasses in the board from the materials and glazing will expand with heat. When the board gets hot and the materials expand, the covering can burst or begin peeling (aka delaminating.) There’s not much you can do once a board starts to delaminate, so take the necessary measures to prevent it. Store the board in a reflective board bag with the vent open whenever possible. Keeping it inside your house or garage is always a safe bet.

Hose down your board

Saltwater is your board’s silent killer. The salt will get crusty on your paddle board’s exterior causing possible break down and definite lag in your ride. Every couple months, it’s a good idea to do a deep clean. A mild cleaner like Dawn dish soap and a soft sponge will remove any oil and grime that could be stuck on your inflatable stand up paddleboard.

Stuff shouldn’t be stacked on your board

Don’t stack boards and don’t leave heavy items on your inflatable stand up paddleboard. Your board can get a pressure ding from stuff just sitting on it. Luckily, this is almost impossible with an iRocker. I know, we’re pretty great. Anyway, dings = uneven surface = unbalanced waterflow = slower ride.

Travel with your board correctly

This means strapping it down properly and with the fin first. When you strap the board to the top of your car, make sure they’re not TOO tight. Basically, don’t squeeze the life out of your board, it’s a quick way to crack the edges or cause pressure dings. Also, place the board on your car with the fin facing up and in the front. This is an easy way to prevent a disaster if the straps come loose. If the board happened to slide back, the fin will likely catch it and prevent a tragedy.

We think you’re adequately prepared for your new job as a Paddle Board Parent. It’s a big responsibility, ya know. Enjoy the many perks of an inflatable stand up paddleboard and take care of it, for goodness sake!

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