6 Amazing Places in South America to Take Your iSUP

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Beach In Brazil

If your adventures are taking you to South America, we’ll be back in the states silently envying you! Luckily, you’re visiting some of the most beautiful countries on the globe with your iSUP in hand. There’s literally no better set-up. When the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea are surrounding you, you can’t go wrong. Here are some of our favorite spots to launch a paddleboard in South America. Send us some pictures of your adventures if you feel like rubbing it in.

Costa Verde, Brazil

Hello, heaven! Paddle boarding is one of the fastest growing sports in Brazil, and the bays around Costa Verde and the town of Paraty are the hotspots for Brazilian SUPers. The water is a breathtaking clear turquoise that stays warm and glassy year round. That’s a paddle boarder’s dream if we’ve ever heard one! Look around and you’ll see steep cliffs dotted with trees covered in bright, blooming flowers. The seemingly endless horizon of islands, bays, peaks and waterfalls is the perfect retreat for a passionate paddle boarder.

Nuqui, Colombia

Paddle surfing along the Pacific Coast of Colombia isn’t for the faint of heart. Risky travel to the area combined with huge waves and strong currents are the daredevil’s dream and the serene surfer’s nightmare. Once you reach the beautiful, isolated waters of the various surf spots around the tiny town, you’re in for a ride. Terco and Termales are suitable for intermediate iSUPers, while Juan Tornillo and El Valle are best left to the pros.

Chicama, Peru

Peru might not be a common SUP destination for us common folk, but the globetrotters know the coasts of Peru are the up and coming spots, and for good reason. The crazy, mile-long waves of Chicama are especially sought after for surf-inclined paddle boarders, and often credited as “the world’s longest waves.” Not convinced? Chicama is the perfect spot to find your zen, because the crowd’s are sparse and the town is off the beaten path. If paddle surfing is on your itinerary, Chicama is your destination.

Patagonia, Chile

If gigantic icebergs and bone-chilling weather doesn’t intimidate you, then iSUPing in beautiful southern Chile is right up your alley. Unlike the other locations mentioned, you’ll need a winter coat for this adventure. Patagonia is home to beautiful mountains, amazing people and mesmerizing blue water. Look forward to glassy conditions and minimal wind while you gain a sense of “smallness” surrounded by monstrous glaciers and mountains. It’s cold, but man, is it worth it.

Los Roques, Venezuela

This beautiful country is an iSUPers dream with winding rivers, wild waves, hundreds of little islands and a breathtaking coastline. El Parque Nacional Los Roques is Venezuela’s largest, and arguably most gorgeous, marine park. Los Roques is a fishing hotspot and is just starting to get popular for paddle boarding. Little bars and restaurants dot the coast and offer a nice retreat after a long day on the clear, light blue water. The park features a huge coral reef, perfect to glide over on an iSUP. And if that doesn’t convince, bad weather is practically nonexistent in Los Roques! Sign us up.

Eagle Beach, Aruba

We saved the best for last! Aruba has been a popular iSUP spot for years, and for good reason. The west side of the island is home to white sand beaches, calm waters and relaxed paddle boarders. The turquoise waters surrounding the island are an amazing backdrop to the colorful buildings and beautiful architecture on land. Aruba is the perfect spot to find your inner zen through iSUP yoga, or burn some calories by exploring the vast water. Whatever activity you choose, it’ll be a good one.

Even though we might be just a little jealous, we’re happy knowing you’re exploring some of the most beautiful places in the world on your durable, travel-friendly iRocker. Remember to check out our other blog posts for iSUP yoga and fishing tips before setting out on the trip of a lifetime!

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