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4 West Coast Spots to SUP on the 4th of July

Image of a long exposure in Santa Barbara Harbor California with
Here’s a little guide on where to express your patriotism in paradise. Show America some love by SUPing in her beautiful West Coast waters! The natural beauty of the West Coast is what your iRocker and inner yogi is begging for. From the glassy shores of Coronado Island to the challenging whitewater in the Deschutes River, endless adventures are calling your name all along America’s most majestic coast.

  1. The Shores of Coronado Island- Coronado, California

Your iRocker is built for the small waves on the shores of Coronado. Rocks and reefs aren’t a worry in this prime SUP surf spot because the breaks are all on the sandbar. The beautiful people in California love to hang out here, so come prepared to show your skills!

Make “the loop” around the island and take in the picturesque sandy beaches and typically glassy waters that the shores of Coronado has to offer. With the Coronado shores, downtown skyline and mountains stacked against each other in one frame, you’re guaranteed to see a killer view and awesome fireworks.

  1. Deschutes River- Bend, Oregon

There’s a reason this hangout earned an award from Outside magazine in 2014 for being the world’s best SUP getaway. The currents and the rigorous spillway at the Colorado Avenue Bridge can be a challenge, but we believe in you. If snow-capped mountain views and water lined by tall pines and huge rocks is your thing, you’ve just found your paradise.

The 26 miles of the Little Deschutes River combined with the 95 miles of the Deschutes River offer everything from placid beginner sections to difficult and even dangerous, whitewater SUP spots.

Before planning your trip, know that certain parts of the river can only be paddled seasonally. If you’re considering braving Oregon’s frigid temperatures, iSUPing the Deschutes River isn’t something to include on your agenda.

  1. Santa Barbara Harbor- Santa Barbara, California

Looking for some peace and quiet to do some yoga poses on your iSUP? The harbor is the spot for isolated and calm waters, perfect for relaxation and beginners. Because the Santa Barbara Harbor is an active fishing harbor, a bit more caution is necessary around the busy areas on the water. Your best bet is to avoid the large boats in the middle of the harbor and stick to the more relaxing and beautiful shorelines. Don’t be surprised if a sea lion hangs out around the marina and shipping docks located on the harbor.

On a holiday full of beer and fireworks, a relaxation retreat is a great way to avoid the hustle and bustle. Added bonus: a nifty SUP launchpad on the harbor’s shore is begging for you to pay it a visit.

  1. Lake Union- Seattle, Washington

Amidst this concrete jungle are plenty of bodies of water perfect for your next iSUP adventure. When you launch your iRocker into Lake Union, you’ll immediately find yourself surrounded by yachts, floatplanes landing and taking off, speedboats and lots of SUPers. Do a complete 360 and you’ll see some of the best views in the country, featuring the city skyline to the south, the Space Needle to the west and Capitol Hill to the east.

Be hip like the West Coast locals and start your day with a latte or cold-pressed juice, followed by a day on your iRocker. Lose track of time by checking out some amazing sights, paddling up to one of Seattle’s great secret parks and immersing yourself in the active lifestyle of the Emerald City.

Hit one of these spots for some guaranteed adventure this July 4th weekend. In our opinion, there’s no better way to celebrate the red, white and blue than using your iRocker to explore new parts of this crazy beautiful country.

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