How to Get Your Kids Into SUPing

Family Having Fun Stand Up Paddling Together in the Ocean on Bea

SUPing is one of the few activities that little kids can enjoy just as much as mom and dad. A day of family bonding on paddle boards can happen anywhere, anytime. Kids are more into Netflix than nature these days, but we’re here to fix that!

Pack a few sandwiches and head to your local SUP spot and introduce your kids to an activity you love. Start the little ones out on the sand or grass and teach them how to balance and use their paddles before hopping in the water. Swapping the iPhones for iRockers might be hard at first, but kids are wired to love the outdoors and follow in their parent’s adventurous footsteps.

  1. For The Animal Lovers

Yes, you may be more concerned about the health benefits and amazing sights that come along with iSUP, but all kids really care about is how much fun they’re going to have. No matter where you drop in your inflatable standup paddle boards, you’ll probably come across fish, turtles, dolphins, etc. There’s nothing like exposing your kids to the incredible, beautiful, awesome world outside of video games. iSUP is the best way to immerse your entire family in the habitats of hundreds of animals in one day. We don’t know where you’re headed, but here are common animals in different waters!

  1. For The Waterpark Enthusiasts

Hang out in an area with other people or busy shorelines for hours of I Spy. If you and your kids are more the competitive types, pick a finish line and see who can reach it first. The entertainment options are endless!

Other activities our youngest SUPpers enjoy:

  • bring a tennis ball, spread the family out in the water and play catch
  • challenge the kids to try different positions on their board without falling in the water (sitting down, doing a spin, lying on their back)
  • have a few practice rounds, then see who can catch a wave all the way to the sand
  1. For the Photography Fiends

Yay for technology! Pick up cheap waterproof cameras or grab your GoPro and hit the waters with the whole family. Before you know it, your whole family will have an endless amount of pictures and videos to put on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us!

  1. For the Social Butterflies

Your son or daughter has just found their favorite activity. SUP gives your kids the opportunity to meet other paddle boarders, kayakers, surfers and swimmers. Unless someone is meditating, he or she will be excited to get a glimpse into a kids’ carefree, happy lifestyle! Bonus: Watersports are the perfect setting for your kids to practice social skills with strangers while you can still supervise.

Make it a weekly thing and your kids will be pros before you know it. You get to spend quality time with your family and they get to be a part of something that you enjoy. Everything about a paddle board adventure is everything a kid would love, they just need the opportunity to experience it!

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