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Why Now Is The Time For A New Stand Up Paddle Board

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You have probably been flirting with the idea of making the purchase of a new stand up paddle board for quite some time now. The thing that we find out most when we talk to people about paddle boards is that they love to watch people on them and they also want to try them for themselves, they just never know when the right time is for them to actually go out and buy their very own board. Simply put, the time is now for you to go and get a new stand up paddle board of your own.

Tis the Season for a New Board

Now that winter is finally behind us, you can begin to look ahead to sunnier days. Spring is all about bringing back the warm weather and the water that is welcoming to an iSUP. When spring makes its way in your direction, you want to think about getting an inflatable board so that you can be ready.

It really is all about getting used to that new board before summer arrives and iRocker makes it easier than ever with free shipping on every single one of our products. If you want to get a board and start to hit the water, check out our collection as there are plenty to choose from.

Plenty of Board Types

We take a great deal of pride in all of the inflatable board types we offer. We offer up standard boards as well as all types of specialty boards that are available so that you can find a board to match whatever style you are looking for.

No matter what board you choose, you need to feel comfortable with your purchase especially if you are a beginner. There are stand up paddle boards that are made to help new SUPpers that are going to have a difficult time balancing. The length and width of the board are going to have a big impact on how easy or how hard it is to balance and ride the board.


What’s the big difference between inflatable stand up paddle boards and regular stand up paddleboards? Portability! An iSUP is very easy to travel with whether you’re heading on a road trip or you’re traveling on a plane. Traveling with traditional stand up paddleboards has always been a challenge and can be expensive.

With the iSUP inflatable stand up paddle boards we offer at iRocker, there are plenty for you to choose from. With winter now in the rear view mirror and spring finally sprung, reach out to us to check out our product offerings. With free shipping on all of our products we can make getting you set up with an inflatable board easier than ever.

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