5 Tips For Picking The Best SUP

Family Making Paddle Surf In The Ocean

The standup paddle boards scene has exploded in the past decade or so and the reason is pretty simple – standup paddle boards are a whole new way to embrace the environment and being on water. The interest is continuously growing and many people now want to try standup paddleboarding for themselves. What should you be looking for when shopping for your first (or any) paddle board purchase?

Surfing on the Mind?

There are inflatable standup paddle boards that can let you ride the waves until your heart’s content. When you are on the lookout for a board that is going to be more ideal for surfing, you want to stick with a board that is more firm. You want it to have less bounce. One that inflates to a higher psi is better.

Catching Fish

Inflatable standup paddle boards can also be utilized to do some fishing. Many people purchase one of these boards with its main purpose being fishing. These are the boards that are usually going to be wider and longer. This is going to give you more space and also is going to help you with how you are able to balance on the board while you reel in a fish.


Travel requirements are also something you want to pay attention to when you are in the market for an inflatable standup paddle board. The whole reason to go inflatable usually is for portability and to make it easier to travel with the board. What you want to look for is a board that is going to include a heavy-duty carrying pack and is also going to break down easy enough that you can quickly pack it up and be on your way.

Who Uses the Board

How many people plan on using the new board that you are purchasing? There are inflatable boards that are larger and are going to be able to accommodate more weight. When you are not sure exactly how many people will be using the board at a time, this can be a good decision to go with. A longer and wider board is going to make it easier to use for a total weight of 400 pounds.

Adventure on the Rapids

Do you have intentions to take your new board down some white water rapids? This is where, similar to surfing, a board that is more firm is going to suit you much better. You also want to go with a board that has material that is extra durable so that you do not have to worry should you hit some nasty rocks. Narrow boards can also be easier to maneuver down the rapids with as well.

The advancements that have been made in recent years when it comes to inflatable standup paddle boards has allowed you, the consumer, to have your pick of a slew of different types of boards. Every single one of these is going to present to you a whole different way to tackle the water on the board.

It really boils down to you having an understanding of where you stand from an experience perspective and also having a good idea as to what you actually want to do out on the water. Are you in the mood to surf some waves, check out scenery, something else? All of these factors can help you in choosing the right standup paddle boards for you.

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