The Best Places in the Country for Standup Paddleboarding

Lake Tahoe

Anyone who has any interest in outdoor watersports has probably given standup paddleboard a try at one point or another. When you think about what you can do on an inflatable standup paddleboard and the possibilities that these boards open you up to, it is life changing to say the least. These boards can give you a real sense of excitement and they can help you with exploring all new areas. They help you out your fitness and give you the ability to take to the water in a way that has never been possible in the past. As long as you have an appetite for adventure, you really can find a great time in just about any body of water that you decide to tackle with your inflatable standup paddleboard. There are many areas across the United States that are extra special though that you may want to try out when you have a chance.

Cowkey Channel, Florida Keys

One of the best places in the world for you to take your inflatable standup paddleboard is to the Florida Keys, specifically the Cowkey Channel. This is a channel that is a mile in length giving you plenty of distance to paddle. You will also get to go right through a tropical mangrove forest so make sure you take everything in that the forest has to offer. This is a place that should be high on the list of anyone that wants to try a new spot with their inflatable standup paddleboard.


Hawaii is where standup paddleboarding was born and there are just so many places for you to go and see in this state. Taking iSUPS out on the water is a big favorite amongst tourists. Even those looking for more of a sport have enjoyed the amazing waves you can catch on these as well.

Santa Barbara, California

When the inflatable standup paddleboard made its way from Hawaii over to the United States, it began in Santa Barbara, California. It did this initially because of the amazing waters that exist there. There is some tremendous calm water in the Santa Barbara Harbor that make it the ideal place to begin to learn how to use a standup paddleboard.

Colorado River, Texas

The Colorado River is a great place to take your standup paddleboard. The river is huge and the places that it can take you to open you up to so many possibilities for fun adventures and new things to see. Some have even been known to take the Colorado River right into some of the cities along the way like Austin, Texas.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe straddles right in the middle of California and Nevada and is an ideal spot to take your inflatable standup paddleboard for a spin.  The calm lake allows for a few different things.  It is a great place to learn and explore your board for the first time and it is also a great place for more seasons veterans to try things such as yoga on your board.

The inflatable standup paddleboard continues to be so popular for a reason.  It allows you to explore all new places and take in everything that nature and the world around you has to offer.  With so many beautiful spots that you can check out around the world, having an inflatable standup paddleboard can open you up to many possibilities.

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