What Exactly is iSUP?

Clouse-up Of A Woman Legs On Paddleboard

Understanding what iSUP is all about starts with having an understanding of what a paddle board is. You have seen hundreds of people on paddle boards before, but maybe you have never really been able to give it a chance on your own. When you can stand up, gain your balance, and begin to paddle away, you’ll never want to get off of an iSUP.

Introducing the iSUP Experience

When you think of a paddle board you probably think of these big huge boards that you have to take with you to the water, get in the water, stand on, and so on. iSUP is exactly that but inflatable. These inflatable paddle boards are quite different than the regular ones as they can be stored and transported easily.

Say you are someone that likes to travel. How hard is it to get that normal paddle board through the airport and onto a plane? Is it even possible most of the time? Chances are that the answer is no.  When you have an iSUP, things are made much easier. You can check them at the airport while you are travelling so that they are ready for you when you land.

The iRocker Difference

You want a high quality inflatable stand up paddle board whether you are a beginner or an expert. You may think that you can cheap out on a junk board since you really do not know what you are doing, but that can make your experience that much more challenging. We use military grave PVC that we use in all of our boards. Internally, we use a 6 inch triple layer drop stitch core. This is to keep the inflatable stand up paddle board as stable as possible

When you are buying an inflatable stand up paddle board, you want to think about things such as the thickness of the board. When you have a board that is more thick, you will have an increased sense of stability. The board is just going to have that much more buoyancy for anyone who is riding it. Our boards also use what is known as a non slip EVA diamond groove deck. This is what is going to be able to help you with traction to keep you on the board and riding with confidence.

Inflatable stand up paddle board products are starting to really take off when it comes to watersports and what you can do out there. When you hear the iSUP, now you know what you should be looking for if you are in the market for a paddle board. Whether you are brand new to the scene or you are experienced, going the iRocker route can be a decision that can make your board far more portable and also much more stable, giving you a great feeling every time that you take to the water for your next ride.

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